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K10 (K40)
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This date CAN BE EXTENDED for 28 days for only K40 More details
Why Mwachangu?
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As one of Zambia's fast-growing microfinance companies, we want to provide.
We provide the best service to our customers and pride ourselves on reducing our financial burden. The burden on Zambians.
We know the importance of building long-term relationships with our customers Everything we do is based on our philosophy of putting money quickly to help others Reduce financial stress on customers.
We are registered with the Bank of Zambia and the Ghana Microfinance AssociationZambia, making us trustworthy and qualified to operate in Zambia.
Apply for a quick and reliable loan Mwachangu Microcredit to ease your financesBurden. We are here for you!!
Frequently asked questions
Do I need to provide collateral for a loan?
After submitting a loan application, how long will it take to get the review result?
How is the information collected been used ?
Before the repayment date, will someone remind me to repay?
I want to borrow a higher amount, how can I get it ?